Local Express Hires VP of Small and Medium-Sized Business Sales

Michael Ashcraft will help these entities move brick-and-mortar stores online
Local Express Hires VP of Small and Medium-Sized Business Sales Michael Ashcraft
Michael Ashcraft

Local Express, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) vertical for the food and beverage industry that specializes in providing e-commerce solutions to independent retailers and enterprises seeking digital transformation, has hired Michael Ashcraft to oversee its new small- and medium-sized business sales division. In this newly created position, Ashcraft will focus on helping these businesses adopt Local Express’ e-commerce platform to compete against the giants of online retail.

Ashcraft is a seasoned sales executive whose previous roles included head of sales and customer success at Digital Marketer in Austin, Texas, and as a senior sales-area manager with Tableau, in Washington D.C. He has also worked as a senior sales manager for Yelp! in Scottsdale, Ariz. Helping small- and medium-size businesses ramp up their digital outreach efforts has given Ashcraft a deep understanding of the challenges that companies in this sector face. His experience helping clients optimize ROI and grow their digital footprints will enable Local Express to provide this business segment with the tools and support they need to establish a competitive online presence.

“I’m excited to have Michael join our team,” noted Bagrat Safaryan, founder and CEO of Glendale, Calif.-based Local Express. “He has much experience working with small- to medium-sized businesses to expand their digital presence to serve the local community. While working with the broad set of customers our platform serves, we saw that local small- and medium businesses required a different set of solutions. Michael’s experiences will optimize Local Express’s offerings to suit these sized companies better.”

“Local Express has tremendous software products, solutions, and services that can be of great benefit to small- and medium retailers in the food and beverage industry,” said Ashcraft. “I am excited to join the company and create the next level of offerings for our small- and medium retail customers. I see Local Express building a food and beverage ecosystem in which retailers can offer much more to their customers than they previously thought possible.”

The company’s branded service allows brick-and-mortar companies to own their entire e-commerce offering from purchase to delivery, including full point-of-sale integration, inventory category management, real-time data analytics reporting tools, and total customization of the look and feel of their own branded online storefront.

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