Little Saints Plant Magic Mocktails

Drink line combines CBD and reishi mushrooms, without alcohol or sugar
Little Saints Plant Magic Mocktails Main Image

Little Saints, the only mocktail brand to offer both CBD and reishi mushrooms, has released two effervescent flavors, visually yellow Spicy Margarita (colored by turmeric) and visually orange Mimosa (colored by tree seeds), in addition to its existing Ginger Mule and Paloma varieties. All four bold-flavored nonalcoholic drinks are designed to provide an uplifting sensory experience through such ingredients as fast-acting nano-emulsified CBD, a non-intoxicating derivative of the hemp plant; aromatic mood-enhancing terpenes; and calming Reishi mushrooms. Complementing the Plant Magic ingredients, carb-free monk fruit containing only 5 calories is added for sweetness, rather than sugar. An 8-ounce can of any variety retails for a suggested $5.99. Founded by environmental lawyer turned plant foods entrepreneur Megan Klein, shaped by a female food scientist with a masters’ degree in adaptogens and guided by a sacred plant medicine shaman, woman-led Little Saints donates more than 1% of its revenue to organizations fostering equity in relation to plant medicine and mental health.




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