Limited Edition Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish

Limited Edition Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish Main Image

Pepperidge Farm’s beloved Goldfish crackers, in partnership with Old Bay’s classic blend of 18 herbs and spices from McCormick, has released Limited Edition Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish, a limited-time-only flavor that combines the seafood seasoning staple with the famous fish-shaped cracker, which should cause fans of both brands and those with a hankering for big, bold flavors to rejoice. In fact, Pepperidge Farm found that many Goldfish enthusiasts have long taken the initiative to sprinkle Old Bay, which includes black pepper, paprika, celery salt and red pepper flakes, on each handful of the crackers. The zesty snack item retails for a suggested $2.79 per 6.6-ounce bag, while supplies last.



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