Lemi Shine Everyday Cleaner, Laundry Booster

Both clean and keep things clean for some time after

Austin, Texas-based Lemi Shine has launched two new products: Everyday Cleaner and Laundry Booster, both of which not only clean but also help keep things clean for some time after. The Everyday Cleaner takes on virtually any mess and is specially formulated to resist new messes with its GunkGuard, a natural polymer that creates and invisible protective layer for long-lasting cleanness. The Laundry Booster, available in both liquid and powder formulations, has a booster additive that removes tough stains and whitens and brightens even in hard water, and is formulated with its FunkGuard to enhance detergent scent, not only eliminating odors in the wash but also preventing them in clothing. SRPs are $3.50 per bottle of the Everyday Cleaner and $5.50 per package of the Laundry Booster.

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