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Laoban Frozen Bao Buns

Asian frozen food brand expands beyond dumplings
Laoban Bao Buns Main Image

Having started out as a Washington, D.C., dumpling shop, Asian frozen food brand Laoban now offers bao buns as well as its nationally available flagship dumpling line. Related to dumplings, bao buns are a Chinese specialty made of fluffy dough filled with savory or sweet stuffing. Laoban’s frozen bao buns were created by co-founder and culinary director Chef Tim Ma, a Michelin-recognized chef with a family background in Chinese restaurants. Boasting high-quality ingredients, the buns come in three complex yet approachable flavors: Chinese Style BBQ Pork, featuring Berkshire pork seasoned with Chinese barbecue spices; Spicy Beef, containing grass-fed beef boldly spiced with chili and cumin; and Sesame Chicken, consisting of free-range chicken, shiitake mushrooms and savory sesame. All are microwave-ready in just one minute, making them perfect as an on-the-go snack or easy side dish. Rolling out exclusively this June in select Whole Foods Market locations nationwide, Laoban Bao Buns come in a frozen 10-ounce pack of four buns, at a suggested retail price of $8.99 for any flavor. 

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