King Arthur Flour Essential Goodness Baking Mixes

Includes six varieties

The King Arthur Flour Co., Norwich, Vt., has added Essential Goodness, a line of baking mixes that combine the taste and quality of homemade baked goods with the convenience of a mix. Six varieties are available in the new line, including:

  • Everyone’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie (16-ounce) – Made with real chocolate chips and brown sugar, these cookies are adaptable, allowing one to make them chewy, crunchy or cakey.
  • Sour Cream Coffeecake (22-ounce) – Tender crumb cake with a crunchy crumb topping, this coffeecake uses real sour cream and premium cinnamon.
  • Cloud 9 Pancake (16-ounce) – Light and fluffy with a hint of sweetness, this pancake is packed with 23 grams of whole grain per serving, offering a nutritious, wholesome breakfast.
  • Lemon Bar (18-ounce) – A Bright, zesty combination of sweet and tangy flavors, this buttery, rich shortbread layer is topped with a smooth, sweet filling made with real lemon.
  • Cinnamon Sugar Puff Muffin (18-ounce) – Made with premium cinnamon and nutmeg, this mix creates a delicious, tender cross between a muffin and a classic, old-fashioned donut.
  • Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Bar (16-ounce) – With real vanilla bean and a buttery graham cracker crust, this mix yields a cheesecake in single-serve bars, suitable for on-the-go desserts.

The kosher-certified mixes contain no hydrogenated oils, artificial colors or preservatives, and are sourced non-GMO. SRP is $4.95 per box of each.

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