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KIND Savory Bars and Seeds, Fruits & Nuts Bars

Brand varies flavor profiles with latest product lines
KIND Seeds, Fruits & Nuts Bars Main Image

Whether a consumer’s preference is for sweet or savory bars, KIND Snacks has something for everyone. The brand’s recently released Savory Bars offer a unique mix of nuts and a smoky and spicy profile, delivering a bold taste in every bite. The flavorful and aromatic snacks come in three palate-provoking flavors: Paprika Nuts & Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt, Roasted Nuts & Jalapeno, and Rosemary Nuts & Sea Salt. Meanwhile, KIND’s Seeds, Fruits & Nuts line debuts with three options featuring a nutrient-dense ingredient profile combining pumpkin and sunflower seeds with fruit-forward flavors and a bit of crunch: Strawberry Sunflower Seed, Orange Cranberry Pumpkin Seed and Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pumpkin Seed. The individually wrapped bars, which are suitable for grab-and-go snacks between meals, have a suggested retail price range of $7.99-$8.99 per 6-count box. 

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