Killer Brownie®

Offering includes brownies in bulk foodservice slabs and retail-ready packaging

At The Killer Brownie® Company, we are the brownie specialists! You’ll find a variety of traditional brownies, as well as the decadent, caramel-stuffed, signature Killer Brownie® collection.

We offer brownies in bulk foodservice slabs and retail-ready packaging. Our bulk brownie slabs are easy to handle while building bakery cases and merchandising displays. Or select from a variety of thaw-and-sell prepackaged brownies, featuring our high-end labels that will entice your customers and fly off the shelves!

We love to drive sales and traffic into your stores with marketing support, and many of your customers are surely familiar with Killer Brownie® due to our extensive Instagram campaigns. Check us out—@killerbrownie.

For wholesale samples, connect with us today via [email protected] or call (937) 530-8600 to learn more.