Kiklos Greek Koroneiki Olive Oil

Delivers a 'powerful and peppery finish'

Kiklos Greek Koroneiki Olive Oil aims to deliver a powerful and peppery finish along with a superb taste, achieved by carefully harvesting Koroneiki olives from the Peloponnese region at the perfect time just before they ripen, then pressing them in small batches. 

Kiklos never blends its olive oil with olives from different regions, countries, or varietals, and the offering boasts a "mild grassy flavor, which crescendos to its signature peppery kick, tastes of pure authenticity," the company said.

Additionally, the brand's distinctive packaging pays respect to Greek farmers who paint their olive tree trunks white to protect them from the sun; in Kiklos’ case, its label protects the oil inside from light.

Kiklos Greek Koroneiki Olive Oil is available for an SRP of $29.99. For more information, call 617-645-8445. 

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