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Juicy Lucy Burgers

Best-selling Barney’s Beanery item comes to home freezers
Juicy Lucy Burgers Main Image

The best-selling burger at iconic Los Angeles restaurant Barney’s Beanery is now available for home consumption. Premium frozen Juicy Lucy Burgers come in three varieties: BBQ Bacon Cheddar, Jalapeño Cheddar and the Three Cheese Stuffed Classic. What sets Juicy Lucy Burgers apart, according to the brand, is that each burger patty is filled with gooey, molten cheese, creating a burst of cheesiness with every bite. The burgers are stuffed with the equivalent of two slices of cheese, and each gluten-free 6.3-ounce offers a substantial 30 grams of protein. A 37.8-ounce box of six burgers retails for a suggested $14.99.

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