Instacart Unveils More CPG Ad Solutions for Digital Aisle

Brand pages and display ads cover the online shopping journey, from awareness to consideration to purchase
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
Tillamook ad
Tillamook is one brand that is using new digital ad solutions from Instacart to provide seasonally relevant products and content.

Instacart has added new advertising solutions for CPGs to connect more directly with shoppers, including brand pages and a suite of display ad options. Available in the Instacart Ads self-service portal, the latest digital offerings are designed to drive consumers to a shoppable destination where they can explore a brand’s curated portfolios from their favorite or frequently used retailers.

CPGs can customize the layout and content of their brand pages, using both copy and photos. Advertisers can also use unique URLs to send traffic from Instacart display ads and their off-platform marketing campaigns directly to a shoppable digital storefront. Up-to-date stock information from previously-shopped retailers is available.

Complementing the new brand pages, Instacart is also introducing auction-based ads, such as banners that appear throughout a user’s shopping journey. CPGs can deploy customized targeting based on shoppers’ purchase behavior or certain keywords.

"We know the way consumers shop on Instacart varies. Some people head straight for a specific aisle to browse, and some start with the 'Buy It Again' carousel displayed on the storefront to get their favorite 'go to' items, while others have a list of items already in mind or might use the search function to find inspiration," explained Ryan Mayward, VP of ad sales at the San Francisco-based Instacart. "As more people turn to Instacart to shop from their favorite retailers and discover new products, we're focused on creating unique ways to help brands engage consumers throughout their online shopping journey.”

In announcing the new ad solutions for CPGs’ full-funnel marketing strategies, Instacart reported that early CPG participants include Ben & Jerry's, Breyers, Kidfresh, Klondike, Milton's Craft Bakers, Talenti and Tillamook. The grocery delivery platform estimates that it offers self-service and managed ad service for more than 4,000 total CPG brands.

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