Instacart Eases Shoppers’ Burdens With New Features

Platform aims to simplify experience from login to delivery
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
Instacart Shopper
Instacart is giving customers the option to match their provided in-app addresses with those listed in the USPS database so shoppers have confidence that the address they’re delivering to is accurate.

Instacart has revealed a suite of new platform features for Instacart shoppers that aims to simplify their experience – from logging into the app to delivery – making shopping and delivering as seamless and secure as possible.

“Giving shoppers the tools and support they need so they can shop how and when they want is incredibly important to us,” said John Adams, VP of shopper and fulfillment product at Instacart. “We’re committed to adding new features to the shopper app that help streamline the shopper experience and eliminate any issues that may arise, so shoppers can focus on doing what they do best – providing excellent service to their customers.”

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These updates are expected to roll out to all shoppers and customers in the coming weeks.

Log in faster with passkeys. Shoppers can now log in using their device’s facial recognition and fingerprint identification features for faster and more secure access to their shopper account. After enabling passkeys, shoppers will no longer need to verify account information via text when signing in, meaning that they’ll be able to start shopping more quickly.

Ensuring quick and easy deliveries. Instacart has improved address data, giving customers the option to match their provided in-app addresses with those listed in the USPS database so shoppers can have confidence that the address theyre delivering to is accurate. Instacart is also prompting customers to provide more detailed information like unit and floor numbers, to help shoppers locate the customer more easily. For nighttime deliveries, the company is now sending customers a notification to turn their porch light on if it’s dark outside. Not only does this help shoppers identify the delivery location, but it can also provide a level of security for shoppers. Additionally, after a delivery is made, Instacart is enabling shoppers to chat with customers for up to 20 minutes to ensure a successful completion of the order. 

San Francisco-based Instacart partners with more than 1,400 national, regional and local retail banners to deliver from 80,000-plus stores across more than 14,000 cities in North America.

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