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Indiana Beef Producers Gain Market Share at Marsh Supermarkets

In tandem with consumers' increasing preference for locally grown and raised foods, Marsh Supermarkets is responding with the addition of three Heartland Premium Aged Beef items in its 103 stores.

The locally raised, premium aged beef brand is supplied by a community of farmers who live in rural Indiana, each of whom has been trained to follow strict quality control procedures. Further, producers of the source-verified animals that are raised on Indiana farms believe in and practice sustainable agriculture to ensure the health of the animals and to protect the environment for future generations.

The Indianapolis-based Marsh Supermarkets has long been a supporter of Indiana animal agriculture. Its relationship with the Indiana Pork Producers goes back to the beginnings of Indiana Packers in Delphi, Ind. The new deal with America's Heartland Premium Beef will give Marsh meat customers an opportunity to purchase Indiana-raised and -processed bratwurst, beef hot dogs and premium aged ground-beef patties. The brats and hot dogs will be available in the refrigerated meat case, and the aged ground beef patties will be in the frozen food section.

America's Heartland Premium Aged Beef has had success penetrating the upscale restaurant market in Indiana with steaks and ground beef patties, but Marsh is the first large retailer to place those products in its stores.

Heartland Premium Aged Beef LLC produces the America's Heartland Premium Aged Beef brand on behalf of a coalition of beef producers that has come together to market an Indiana-grown product.
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