IGA Offers Family Meals Made Easy Recipe Platform

Grocery Shopii's curated selection available on alliance’s website
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Powered by Grocery Shopii, the enhanced Family Meals Made Easy recipe platform aims to make meal planning more accessible and convenient for shoppers.

The Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) has launched a new and enhanced Family Meals Made Easy recipe platform on IGA.com. Powered by Grocery Shopii, a provider of shoppable recipe technology for retailers, the platform provides curated recipes designed to make meal planning more accessible and convenient for shoppers, and more impactful for IGA’s independent grocery retailers, which can share the shoppable content across their owned media platforms.

The platform also enables IGA to better meet the objectives of its Red Oval partners, select CPG companies that team with IGA to help independents boost sales through tailored marketing campaigns for shoppers.

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The Family Meals Made Easy recipe platform is a new digital enhancement to a suite of tools IGA offers to indies to promote ready-to-eat and -heat offerings in store. The enhanced platform incorporates a number of innovative solutions, among them curated seasonal recipe content featuring popular brands and recipe influencers, nutritional and serving size information, and shopping list functions for in-store shopping.

The recipe content will be available across IGA-owned media channels, including IGA.com, the Recipe Club newsletter, the IGA National Digital Ad and social media.

“Online recipes are increasingly important for at-home meal planning and grocery shopping, with more than half of shoppers using online recipes more now than last year,” said Michael La Kier, VP brand development at Chicago-based IGA. “Recipes are among the highest-performing content a brand can share online. The new Family Meals Made Easy platform will transform recipe content into more engaging moments that translate into increased shopper satisfaction and sales for CPGs and our independent retailers alike.”

“IGA is giving food brands the opportunity to get in front of a shopper in the micro-moment when they are making a decision on what they will cook [for] dinner tonight,” noted Katie Hotze, CEO of Charlotte, N.C.-based Grocery Shopii. 

The launch of the Family Meals Made Easy platform on IGA.com is the first phase of a broader plan that will ultimately permit IGA members to host the same recipes on their own e-commerce websites, where shoppers can use the platform to plan meals and make purchases.

“The end goal is to empower our independent grocery retailers with a new channel that generates engaging content for shoppers and more revenue for the retailer,” added La Kier. “The Family Meals Made Easy platform is one of many new ways we’re working with CPG partners to attract shoppers and increase sales at independent grocery retailers, which represent over one-third of the grocery industry, with more than $250 billion dollars.”

Founded in 1926, IGA is the world’s largest voluntary supermarket network, with aggregate worldwide retail sales of more than $43 billion per year. The alliance encompasses more than 6,300 stores globally, with operations in 46 of the United States and 25-plus countries, commonwealths and territories. 

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