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Hillphoenix Adds CO2 Charging Solution

Unit designed to help retailers maintain cooling during outages
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
ChargeSecure unit
Hillphoenix has created a new unit to help retailers keep their refrigeration systems charged when offline for outages or service.

Hillphoenix is launching a charge preservation solution for carbon dioxide refrigeration systems, designed to minimize downtime during power outages and service events. The new ChargeSecure system uses the existing CO2 in the system to operate instead of relying on legacy refrigerants.

Automatically kicking in when a power outage or pre-determined pressure increase is detected, the preservation solution maintains charge until the powered system can restart. The ChargeSecure system can be mounted on a floor or wall and has a compact footprint. The units use six times less energy than conventional charge preservation systems and come with a backup battery.

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The latest offering enhances sustainability while also giving retailers peace of mind, according to Hillphoenix developers. “With our decades of experience in natural refrigeration systems, we designed ChargeSecure to offer a layer of security for food retailers using our CO2 systems, so they can get back to doing what they do best – serving their customers,” explained Ousama Sabra, systems senior product manager. 

Hillphoenix offers a range of commercial refrigerated display cases and specialty products, along with commercial and industrial refrigeration systems and integrated power distribution systems. It is one of the brands of Dover Food Retail, part of Dover Corporation, with headquarters in Conyers, Ga. 

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