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ProAmpac Debuts Safe and Sustainable Packaging for Grocery Delivery

Innovative solution offers curbside recyclability plus temperature retention
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
ProAmpac has launched the patent-pending ProActive Recyclable FiberCool curbside recyclable insulated bag.

ProAmpac, a provider of flexible packaging and material science, has launched the patent-pending ProActive Recyclable FiberCool curbside recyclable insulated bag. Going beyond a standard self-opening sack (SOS), FiberCool offers the convenience of curbside recyclability and a temperature retention solution for the grocery delivery market.

“The paper bag has not had much innovation over the past few decades; ProAmpac set out to change that,” said Chad Murdock, president of ProAmpac’s Fiber Division.

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“FiberCool is a pioneering one-piece design that enhances insulation properties, eliminates assembly time, saves storage space, and reduces materials and costs. Plus, it has been pre-qualified for curbside recyclability,” continued Murdock.

As a more sustainable alternative to traditional multi-material and multi-step insulated packaging, FiberCool offers brands an elevated look with high-definition print quality. Available in different sizes with variable QR codes, FiberCool can accommodate specific retailer delivery needs and applications.

“When subjected to a rigorous testing protocol, depending on the products, FiberCool outperforms a standard paper bag by demonstrating temperature retention by as much as 30%,” said Ray Recchia, global innovation manager of sustainable paper packaging for Cincinnati-based ProAmpac. “This improved thermal performance reduces food spoilage and waste while also reducing packaging weight compared to traditional multi-part thermal bag packaging.”

With its insulation, ease of use and environmental benefits, FiberCool aims not only to enhance delivery efficiency, but also to support the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

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