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Heat up sales without ruining your cold cases

High energy bills and uneven temperatures? Your problem might be stratification. Stratification is the tendency for hot air to rise towards the ceiling in large buildings with tall ceilings, and grocery stores often face this problem due to the variety of temperatures present in the store. From the cold cases to the deli, with the front doors opening for every new customer, maintaining a consistent temperature is tough.

Airius helps solve these issues with destratification fans. Not only will an Airius fan make your store more comfortable for your employees and patrons by equalizing temperature, it can significantly reduce HVAC bills by reducing the cooling load during the summer and recirculating warm air to the floor during winter.

Airius owns a utility patent on two key components of the Air Pear, the stator and venturi nozzle. This patent allow us to build a product that, unlike a ceiling fan, provides a narrow column of air that can be directed. This is a crucial component of grocery store fans, because our fans will not interfere with open cold cases.

Our team is ready to analyze the air movement in your store and recommend a selection of fans to help.

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