Have Gorton’s Seafood ‘Any Way You Want It’

A recently launched promotion from Gorton’s Seafood, “Any Way You Want It,” is soliciting feedback from consumers on their preferred ways to serve seafood as part of a balanced meal. The promotion entry form asks people to choose a Gorton’s product, and then place that item under each category of fruit, vegetable, grain and dairy that they commonly use create a nutritious meal. This information will then complement Gorton’s newly revamped online recipe section.

“One of the recommendations of the MyPlate [USDA] dietary guidelines is to substitute fish in a favorite meal -- like using breaded or grilled fish on taco night, or placing a piece of salmon or tilapia over salad or in a favorite pasta dish,” explained Zach Soolman, director of consumer marketing at Gloucester, Mass.-based Gorton’s. “People are always looking for fresh meal ideas, and our new recipe section provides hundreds of ways for consumers to ‘fishify’ favorite family meals. With the wide variety of seafood we offer -- from salmon to tilapia to shrimp, beer battered to grilled fillets -- Gorton’s makes it easy to enjoy seafood any way you want it, and meet the dietary guidelines recommendations of eating seafood twice a week in a convenient and delicious way.”

Contestants have the opportunity to win $5,000 to spend however they desire just before the holidays. One entrant will be selected at random in early December, while two runners-up will win $500 each. Additionally, during the promotion period, which runs through Dec. 2, Gorton’s will distribute 800 custom Gorton’s dinner plates that remind consumers to eat seafood twice weekly.

As well as the recipe section, the website offers “Gorton’s Goodness,” which contains information on the health benefits of seafood, along with more tips on how consumers can incorporate seafood into their diets on a regular basis.

“Seafood is a great source of lean protein and heart-healthy omega-3s,” added Soolman, “and Gorton’s wants to share with consumers how easy, versatile and delicious seafood can be!”

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