Goodles Gluten-Free Cheddy Mac and Vegan Be Heroes

2 combos each offer 21 nutrients from plants per serving
Googles Gluten-Free Noodles Main Image

Gluten-free noodle brand Goodles has spent the past two years working on the best mac-and-cheese combinations and has come up with two serious contenders: Vegan Be Heroes, featuring “cheese” made from cashew and natural flavors for a savory cheddar-like flavor, with 11 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber, and creamy Gluten-Free Cheddy Mac, made with the brand’s updated noodles. As well as both featuring 21 nutrients from plants per serving, these latest mac-and-cheese varieties are low glycemic, Kosher certified, Clean Label Purity Award Certified and Gluten Free Certified. A 6-ounce box of either retails for a suggested $4.19.

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