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Good Source Snacks

Did you know that certain foods have the power to fuel you up or slow you down? Good Source Snacks are chocolate protein clusters with superfoods, crafted with the combination of the Right Ingredients at the Right Time of Day. Each serving provides a balance of protein, fiber and slow metabolizing carbs to satisfy your snack cravings. Try all four DayPart flavors: Morning Jump, Afternoon Boost, Afternoon Break and Evening Chill.

Our food is developed to provide what people need, when they need it to satisfy the mind and body, and without the desire to overeat — contrary to many snack food manufacturers today. Each product is made from easy to understand ingredients with clear functional benefits to support good food choices and build healthy habits. Good Source Snacks are the science-inspired natural snack that supports healthy snacking habits with the Right Ingredients at the Right Time of Day

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