Go all the way to ‘marine safe’ with compostable packaging from LK®

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Go all the way to ‘marine safe’ with LK® Sustainables™

Packaging for those in need of responsibly sourced, high-performance, fully compostable, MARINE SAFE, food-grade solutions. 

So-called sustainable packaging can provide different degrees of effectively eliminating waste that reaches the landfill or harms marine life. Sustainables, from LK Packaging, offer manufacturers, processors, retailers and foodservice operators a specially coated paper, for a variety of flexible-packaging configurations, that can be placed in either the recycling or compost stream.

LK applies a proprietary, all-natural technology to carefully sourced biomass to have its specialized film/paper produced for the North American market. The resulting sheets, roll stock, liners, bags and pouches can be heat-sealed, provide various degrees of gas and moisture barriers, and even accept beautiful, four-color printing with eco-friendly, water-based inks.

LK is actively seeking a limited number of partners interested in co-developing revolutionary packaging solutions using this new, compostable material.

Learn more at LKpkg.com/Sustainables