Gaea Dirty Martini Juice

Greek company breaks into cocktail mixers

Gaea, a leading Greek foods company best known for its authentic Mediterranean products such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and pacaged olives, soon will break into the cocktail mixer category with its new Dirty Martini Juice product. Gaea says the move is a natural fit, since olives are the core of their business.

Gaea's specially formulated flavors are designed to accompany primarily vodka and gin, with two varieties available. Gaea Dirty Martini Juice for Vodka offers a classic "hot and dirty" martini taste, containing brine of red pepper-stuffed green olives, while the its Dirty Martini Juice for Gin puts a zesty spin on the old James Bond standby, containing green olive brine with a touch of coriander.

The new mixers come in 8.5 fluid ounce sizes, with an SRP of $2.49 each.

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