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Full Harvest Buys FarmersWeb, Allows Grocers to Swiftly Buy Surplus Produce

Acquisition helps company create a more efficient, sustainable produce supply chain
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
Full Harvest helps minimize food waste by connecting farmers with commercial produce buyers to purchase imperfect and surplus produce.

Full Harvest, the business-to-business online marketplace specializing in surplus and imperfect produce, has acquired FarmersWeb, a farm sales and inventory management SaaS provider. Adding FarmersWeb’s proven software capabilities to its technology pipeline, Full Harvest now has the ability to speed the delivery of advanced features for its produce suppliers and buyers (including grocers) – driving a more efficient, sustainable produce supply chain.

Digitizing produce buying and selling through its online marketplace, Full Harvest quickly and efficiently connects growers with produce buyers to unlock new revenue channels and minimize food waste.

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As a major milestone in Full Harvest’s mission to solve the produce distribution efficiency problem and reduce farm-level waste, the addition of FarmersWeb’s advanced software features, such as inventory and order management as well as payments, will enable growers to bring even more produce to market faster.

“Climate change considerations have become a pressing priority across the agriculture and food industry, especially in regard to on-farm food loss. We understand the need to move as quickly as possible to provide effective solutions to reduce food waste, and acquiring FarmersWeb will help us make our vision of 100% full harvests a reality faster,” said Christine Moseley, CEO and founder of San Francisco-based Full Harvest. “Adding valuable software features from the FarmersWeb platform to our produce marketplace will help our farms sell their excess produce easier, more rapidly, and more efficiently than ever before.” 

“Providing farmers with the software capabilities needed to better streamline and manage their business has been our core mission for many years," added David Ross, co-founder and CEO of FarmersWeb. "Working with an acquirer who shared that mission was very important to us. Full Harvest is disrupting how surplus and imperfect produce is bought and sold; I am thrilled to know that the hard work we spent creating our software will continue to be part of building a more sustainable supply chain. I am looking forward to seeing Full Harvest’s vision take root even faster.”

In May, Full Harvest closed $5 million in growth financing from Rabobank’s Food & Agri Innovation Fund and JAL Innovation Fund, increasing their total Series B to $28 million. With the backing, the company has widened its access to a larger network of connections to help solve the $2.6 trillion food waste problem through technology and innovation. Full Harvest also partners with brands on their efforts to create new sustainable CPG products and supply chains to meet consumer demand for sustainable products.

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