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Baldor, Farm to People Team on Home Delivery

Distributor seeks to continue service it began during lockdown
Farm to People Baldor Main Image
As an introduction to grocery delivery service Farm to People, Baldor customers who cook at home can take advantage of a $15 discount on their first three orders.

Mid-Atlantic distributor Baldor Specialty Foods has joined forces with Farm to People, a service for delivering local, sustainable and ethically sourced produce and pantry items, to provide home chefs in the New York metro area with better access to Baldor’s selection of products.

Baldor first began providing home delivery during the COVID-19 lockdown to ensure food access for local communities while also keeping the company’s employees working. As Baldor’s traditional restaurant and retail business returned, however, the company sought a way to continue meeting the needs of those who came to rely on its home delivery service while also meeting rising demand from traditional clients. The new partnership with Farm to People will enable consumers to buy home-kitchen-sized quantities of Baldor foods.

“When we opened up for home delivery in 2020, we were blown away by the response — and we remain immensely grateful for the customers’ orders that sustained us in a difficult time for the restaurant industry,” noted Benjamin Walker, SVP, sales, marketing and merchandising at Bronx, N.Y.-based Baldor. “Even as our traditional business has returned, we knew we needed to find a way to continue to satisfy and delight our loyal home-delivery customers. Partnering with Farm to People was a no-brainer, since the company has the infrastructure to support these smaller orders and shares a similar mission to our own, of sourcing the very best food from the very best farmers and makers.”

Via Farm to People, Baldor customers can now access the produce and specialty food distributor’s assortment of premium products, among them Joyce Farms meat and poultry, Pierless Fish, Ronnybrook dairy, Murray’s Cheese, Urban Roots, and She Wolf Bakery breads, as well as its top-of-the-line fruits and vegetables.

As an introduction to Farm to People, Baldor customers can take advantage of a $15 discount on their first three orders, using discount codes Baldor1, Baldor2 and Baldor3, respectively.

“We can’t wait to welcome Baldor home delivery customers to our transparent, locally focused, sustainable shopping experience,” said Michael Robinov, co-founder and CEO of Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Farm to People. “Baldor and Farm to People are all about delivering fresh, sustainably grown foods in the most efficient and convenient way possible. Together, we will explore new and seasonal foods that will be the pride of the home kitchen.” 

Baldor also recently signed a lease for a new warehouse in Lanham, Md., to significantly expand and enhance its Washington, D.C.-area operations.

With a focus on local, peak-season and small farms, Baldor curates a selection of more than 6,000 items and manages more than 10,000 major restaurant, foodservice, retail and corporate accounts from Portland, Maine, to Richmond, Va.

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