FreshDirect Forecasts 2020 Food Trends

FreshDirect Predicts 2020 Food Trends
One of FreshDirect's 2020 predictions is regenerative agriculture, a relatively new concept aimed at combating the strain that traditional farming practices put on the earth

Online grocer FreshDirect is the latest retailer to try to predict what's to come in 2020. FreshDirect's in-house team of food and wine specialists have curated a list of the top eight trends they expect to see in the upcoming year. 

“By working directly with farmers, fishermen, artisans and producers daily to source high-quality, great-tasting food for our customers, FreshDirect has a unique vantage point into the latest food trends,” said Scott Crawford, chief merchandising officer at Bronx, N.Y.-based FreshDirect. “It’s an exciting time in the food and beverage industry, and our trends offer just a ‘taste’ of some of the innovations taking place right now in the marketplace.”

The company's 2020 trend predictions are:

  1. Plant-Based Foods:  2020 will bring new developments in, and further solidification of, organic, plant-based meat and cheese. 
  2. Regenerative Agriculture: Increasing the soil quality and fertility of the land not only helps the environment, but also allows the animals raised there to be healthier and happier. 
  3. On-the-Go Food and Snacks: The snacking of tomorrow consists of bite-sized superfoods, healthy snack kits and subscription boxes. 
  4. Low-Carb Adult Beverages: 2020 will see a continued diversification of flavors, brands and products for hard seltzers as they appeal to anyone looking to enjoy a light and sessionable alcoholic beverage. Craft beer brands have responded by adding fuller-flavored styles with reduced alcohol and carb content.
  5. Organic, Natural and Biodynamic Wine: 2020 will bring increased assortment, education and awareness of these new offerings.
  6. Functional Beverages and Gut Health: These trends continue to drive food choices in today’s consumer market, and are expanding into snacks as well. 
  7. Transparency and Traceability: Many brands are introducing source traceability into their packaging so that consumers can learn exactly where certain ingredients are sourced and how they’re harvested.
  8. Artisan Cheeses: Products that are more approachable will expand and grow in 2020.

FreshDirect delivers directly to customers throughout seven states, including the New York City and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, and the District of Columbia.

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