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Fresh Horseradish Root

Looking for a vegetable with a unique flavor and great health benefits? Look no further than fresh horseradish root! Popular at all times of the year, horseradish root is available year-round. It has a unique, piquant flavor that can sting the nostrils and bring smiles to faces.  In addition to its great taste, research indicates that antioxidant-rich horseradish reduces inflammation, eases respiratory illnesses, and helps to fight cancer!

Available in natural, washed, and individually shrink-wrapped variations, there is sure to be an option that displays beautifully on your retail shelves! Keep an eye out for an increased demand during a couple of key times of the year: Passover & Easter, pickling season, cold and flu season, and winter holidays.

Don’t miss out on sales – ask your wholesalers about fresh horseradish root!

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