Fresh Del Monte Mini Honeyglow Pineapple

Mini Honeyglow Pineapple Main Image

Fresh-cut fruit and vegetable distributor Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.has officially launched its Mini Honeyglow pineapple in North America, offering the same quality and sweetness as the original Honeyglow pineapple but in a miniature size for those seeking smaller or single-size servings. Every Del Monte Honeyglow pineappleis left to mature naturally on the plant for a few extra days, resulting in a riper, sweeter product than traditionally harvested pineapples while creating the right balance of color and taste. The pineapples are then hand-selected to ensure a high shell color, with the aim of satisfying consumers who associate ripe, premium pineapples with a bright, golden shell. The smaller pineapple retails at under $3 per pineapple in most of the markets across the 13 states where it’s currently available. As with all other Fresh Del Monte products, the Mini Honeyglow pineapple follows sustainable practices for planting, harvesting and transporting.  




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