Flashfood Pilots 'Ugly Produce' Delivery in Detroit


A Canadian startup is bringing its plan to reduce food waste while helping shoppers eat better for less money to the States, with its first pilot launching in Detroit next month.

Flashfood, a Toronto-based company that specializes in selling at a discount perfectly edible food that might not be suitable for a grocer’s shelves, is launching a 90-day pilot of a delivery service for “ugly” produce in the Detroit metropolitan area. The mobile-app-based service launched just more than a year ago.

Flashfoodbox, the new service, will bring a box of 8 to 9 pounds of misshapen fruits and vegetables to customers’ doorsteps. It also will add surplus protein that is edible but deemed unsuitable for sale at U.S. grocers – such as improperly cut chicken breasts and sausage packages – through a partnership with Springdale, Ark.based processor Tyson Foods.

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