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Featuring two distinct flavor varieties — SMOOTH HARMONY and HEARTY BALANCE — the SUSTAINABLE SELECT collection sources from responsibly harvested olives from sustainably nurtured groves and employs a fully traceable and certified process. Simply by scanning the QR code on the back label of each bottle, consumers are able to learn the origins of that bottle, the flavor profile, usage of the olive oil and more unique information. 

The SMOOTH HARMONY EVOO is truly harmonious and uniquely smooth. It has hints of fresh grass, artichoke and tomato and features a slightly spicy aftertaste. It is a natural fit for finishing meats, balancing soups and dipping bread. The HEARTY BALANCE EVOO is highly aromatic and richly complex. It has scents of grass and is fruity and well-balanced. This oil adds depth to seafood, vegetables and sauces. Keeping both varieties in the pantry ensures home cooks have essential ingredients on hand to enhance any dish. 

Filippo Berio’s quality and environmental processes are both monitored and certified by SGS, a global leader in inspection and certification.