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Farmstead Works Directly With Customers to Plan Eco-Friendly Delivery Routes

Farmstead Works Directly with Customers to Plan Delivery Routes
Farmstead is creating Sustainable Routes to lower its carbon footprint and lower last-mile delivery costs

In an effort to create eco-friendly delivery routes, online grocer Farmstead is working directly with its customers in its Sustainable Routes program. The goal is to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road, reducing carbon emissions and Farmstead’s delivery costs. The savings are passed on to customers in the form of lower prices and free delivery.

“We are committed to making fresh, high-quality groceries accessible to all, while doing our part to make environmentally sound business decisions,” said Pradeep Elankumaran, co-founder and CEO of Farmstead.  “This is one of several steps Farmstead is taking to reduce our carbon footprint and lower last-mile delivery costs, and we are proud to work directly with our customers on initiatives to preserve the planet.”

Sustainable Routes are created by grouping together neighbors who all receive their Farmstead deliveries during the same day and delivery window each week. This allows Farmstead to deliver to more customers at the same time with fewer vehicles, while giving customers three delivery windows a day, seven days a week. The company estimates that this approach will take nine to 10 unnecessary cars off the roads for each delivery route that leaves the Farmstead micro-hub through its new Sustainable Routes program. As a neighborhood’s route becomes more sustainable, the company will also offer customers on the route benefits like exclusive product discounts and reduced order minimums.

Customers who invite friends and neighbors to join Farmstead to help make the route more sustainable receive a $20 credit each time a friend/neighbor signs up, and their friends/neighbors receive $15 off their first order of more than $30, as well as $20 off their second order.

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