Farmer Jack Begins Liquidating Inventory at Some Stores

MONTVALE, N.J. -- The Greater Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. has started liquidating the inventory in 41 of its 66 Detroit-area Farmer Jack locations yesterday, as it prepares to sell or close the stores. The locations are scattered throughout the market area.

Ads reading "Entire Store on Sale! Now up to 30 percent off" appeared in local newspapers, including the Detroit News, which reported the story. Shoppers get 10, 20, and 30 percent off prices. Items such as groceries, meat, deli, bakery, beer, and laundry detergents are 10 percent off; products such as frozen food, seafood, cosmetics, and wine are 20 percent; and items such as housewares, stationery, kitchen gadgets, charcoal, coolers, and hardware are 30 percent.

A&P spokesman Richard DeSanta told the Detroit News this week that liquidation sales would start at once, and that not all stores where inventory is being sold off would necessarily be shuttered and padlocked, adding that some companies negotiating to buy stores don't want the Farmer Jack inventory, which includes the chain's private label brands.
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