From Farm to Flavor

Cultivating the ideal seed and growing conditions to raise the best peppers.

In the sunburned heart of southern New Mexico, the Tres Hermanas Mountains rise from the horizon. Nearby, in the town of Deming, family homes, local businesses, and acres and acres of pepper farms sprawl out in their protective shadow.

Here we’ve worked alongside family farmers for generations, cultivating the ideal seed and growing conditions to raise the best peppers we can – uniquely New Mexican peppers that ripen in the red soil and hot desert sun. Each fall, we harvest these peppers by hand, carefully considering each one to ensure only the best New Mexican peppers make it to your table.

When the pepper harvest comes, locals celebrate with a whirlwind of sauces and salsas, bringing age-old family recipes to life with fresh ingredients. We’re thrilled to bring these traditional recipes to you with sauces inspired by the vivid flavors our community has enjoyed for years.

So whether your family cooks with Tres Hermanas peppers, sauces, or both, everyone will love the bold, farm-raised flavor that grows in the shadow of the Tres Hermanas Mountains.

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