ECOS Tree-Free Bath Tissue, Paper Towels

Products made with bamboo, sugarcane

Earth Friendly Products’ new treeless paper products, including ECOS Bathroom Tissue and ECOS Paper Towels, are made with bamboo and sugarcane, some of the most renewable grasses on the planet, and more sustainable than tree pulp. The extra-long fibers in bamboo and sugarcane provide added flexibility and strength for even the toughest cleaning tasks, as well as softness. Both products are biodegradable; ink-, dye- and fragrance-free, and safe for sewer and septic systems. ECOS Paper Towels contain 115 towels per roll and are available in single rolls and six-roll packs, while ECOS Bathroom Tissue is available in packs of four or 12 double rolls, with each roll containing 300 two-ply sheets. SRP for the bath tissue is $3.99 per four-pack and $10.99 per 12-pack, and SRP for the paper towels is $2.99 per one-pack and $11.99 per six-pack.

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