Dos Equis Margarita Classic Lime

Dos Equis Classic Lime Margarita Main Image

Imported to the United States by Heineken USA, Dos Equis  has launched Dos Equis Margarita Classic Lime, a ready-to-drink spirits-based product that blends Blanco Tequila and high-quality ingredients such as real lime juice and natural flavors to create a refreshing cocktail in a can. Containing 10% ABV, Dos Equis Margarita Classic Lime is available in a 4-pack of 12-ounce cans retailing for a suggested $13.99 in select U.S. markets: New Mexico, New Jersey, Colorado, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Illinois, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Georgia. The beverage will additionally be available in Southern California and Arizona this September. Prices will vary depending on the markets and sales tax. Over the past two years, Dos Equis has more than doubled the size of its brand portfolio by introducing six products, including Dos Equis Margarita Classic Lime.



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