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‘Designer’ Red Pineapples Arrive in America

Fresh Del Monte brings ultra-premium Rubyglow variety to U.S. market, following initial introduction in China earlier this year
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
Rubyglow Fresh Del Monte
Featuring a deep-red shell, bright-yellow flesh and an extra-sweet taste, Rubyglow pineapples were developed over a 15-year period and are produced in extremely limited numbers in Costa Rica.

Fans of rare exotic fruit can enjoy a new brightly colored fresh pineapple, thanks to Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. 

The global produce company has officially introduced Rubyglow pineapples to the U.S. market after an initial January launch in China that prompted a global waitlist. Featuring a deep-red outer shell, bright-yellow flesh, and a distinct sweet flavor, Rubyglow pineapples are a new variety of the popular tropical fruit and, as the company claims, the most exclusive high-end pineapple offered by Fresh Del Monte.

“As the global leader in fresh pineapples, Fresh Del Monte offers an extensive lineup of different varieties, from traditional to extra-sweet versions, in various sizes, from personal to sharable, giftables such as the Pinkglow pineapple – the world’s only pink pineapple – and now the Rubyglow pineapple, the latest showcase of our innovation and leadership in this category,” said Melissa Mackay, VP of marketing, North America at Coral Gables, Fla.-based Fresh Del Monte. “With its distinctive bright-red shell and extra-sweet taste, Rubyglow is the ultimate exotic fruit – an exclusive limited-availability pineapple that is sure to impress as a unique gift or served as a creative way to entertain guests.”

Grown in Costa Rica after a 15-year development period, the Rubyglow pineapple has a registered plant patent in the United States. It's a cross between a traditional pineapple and a Morada variety, producing a hybrid fruit through traditional cross-breeding techniques. It takes two years to grow each Rubyglow pineapple, which is then naturally ripened on the plant and sold crownless in “elegantly” designed packaging. According to the company, this complicated and time-consuming cultivation cycle – coupled with limited seed supply – are the reasons for the scarcity of Rubyglow pineapples in the U.S. market and globally. Fresh Del Monte is offering these pineapples as an ultra-premium luxury “designer” fruit that it said appeals to high-end consumers.

“From the intricate growing process to the distinct color, sweet taste and elegant packaging, every detail of the Rubyglow pineapple is meticulously crafted to deliver a premium experience,” explained Mackay. “This exquisite tropical fruit is another gem in our crown, and we are thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking pineapple to North America.”

Rubyglow pineapples will be available nationwide through select regional grocers and online from specialty produce retailers. 

In March, Fresh Del Monte partnered with specialty distributor Melissa’s Produce to create a petite fresh pineapple that weighs less than 2 pounds and was designed to reduce food waste by giving shoppers better sizing options. The new personal-sized pineapple is part of Fresh Del Monte’s Honeyglow line, which promises a sweeter taste than traditional pineapples, because they’re left to mature and ripen on the plant for a few extra days. 

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