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Gee Whiz Doubling Fresh Cherry Shipments to Retailers This Summer

1st shipments to start hitting grocery stores the week of June 17
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
Gee Whiz Cherries
Gee Whiz is reporting an unprecedented increase in its summer cherry yield.

Gee Whiz, a grower of Washington state apples and cherries, revealed that it has doubled the volume of fresh cherry shipments available to U.S. retailers this summer. This season also marks the first year that the company will offer program volumes to the domestic market, including Early Rainiers, Rainiers, Cristalinas and Black Pearl.

Cherries from Gee Whiz are known for their flavor due to such unique growing practices as the strategic use of shade cloth across all cherry acreage, hand thinning of each tree to yield larger fruit size than the industry average, and a signature trellis system that also drives fruit growth, allowing for ideal spacing, light and air circulation.

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“We are proud of the global reputation the Gee Whiz brand has earned for our luxe fruit quality,” said Brian Traum, director of sales and marketing at Orondo Wash.-based Gee Whiz. “With each new season, we push ourselves to think beyond standard industry practices to deliver the most exceptional eating experience for our shoppers. Our team is excited to have the ability to serve more of the North American retail market with this additional cherry acreage.”

The first shipments of Gee Whiz cherries will start hitting retail stores the week of June 17 and are expected to ship through the first week of August.

Gee Whiz has grown, packed and shipped apples, cherries and other tree fruit for nearly 100 years. It's known as a leader in the development of new apple varieties and planting methods, due to its innovative growing practices. In 1972, the company planted the first commercial crop of Granny Smith Apples in Washington state. Its two primary growing locations are nestled along the Columbia River in central Washington state in Orondo and Vantage. 

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