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Can This Tiny Pineapple Help Combat Food Waste?

Fresh Del Monte’s latest innovation offers new sizing option for consumers
Emily Crowe, Progressive Grocer
Fresh Del Monte Precious Honeyglow pineapple
The Precious Honeyglow pineapple weighs less than two pounds and is billed as single serving.

Fresh Del Monte has partnered with specialty distributor Melissa’s Produce to create a petite fresh pineapple that weighs less than two pounds and was designed to reduce food waste by giving shoppers better sizing options.

The new personal-sized pineapple is part of Fresh Del Monte’s Honeyglow line, which promises a sweeter taste than traditional pineapples because they’re left to mature and ripen on the plant for a few extra days. This Precious Honeyglow weighs between one-and-a-half and two pounds, which is about half the average weight of a traditional fresh pineapple. 

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“As the world’s top producer of fresh pineapples, Del Monte offers a wide range of options to suit consumer preferences, whether it’s a sweeter taste, sustainability benefits or a versatile range of sizes,” said Melissa Mackay, Fresh Del Monte’s VP of marketing, North America. “Our new Precious Honeyglow delivers everything that people love about Del Monte Honeyglow pineapples, such as its extra sweet taste and distinct color, in a compact single-serving size.”

Fresh Del Monte does indeed offer a range of sizes and sweetness levels with its fresh pineapples, including the Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet Pineapple, the Grandissimo Gold grand pineapple and the smaller Mini Honeyglow. The company also has a variety of bright pink pineapples in its Pinkglow line, and offers Del Monte Zero Carbon Neutral Pineapples, which are certified by SCS Global Services.

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