Create Customer Loyalty With Claims-Based Beef
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Create Customer Loyalty With Claims-Based Beef

Communicating quality and value in beef using claims.

With the increasing prominence of the high-value retail customer segment of home chefs and culinary enthusiasts who look to premium brands with transparency in sourcing and practices, the PRIME and CHOICE Brandt Beef program continues to expand by introducing new lines of products for both the full-service butcher counter and self-service meat case.

Create Customer Loyalty with Claims-Based Beef | Sponsored by Brandt Beef
Source: FMI/NAMI, 2023. Adapted from the FMI Power of Meat 2023 report. Survey of a representative sample of 1,607 grocery shoppers conducted in December 2022.

Among other points, this year’s Power of Meat Report presented by Food Industry Association (FMI), Annual Meat Conference (AMC), and North American Meat Institute (NAMI) reinforces that quality, value and trustworthiness in the perimeter, specifically with produce and meat, are critical factors in building loyalty with retail customers. Retail partners continue to be loyal to Brandt Beef, as they have recognized this important element of differentiation in their community.

Since Brandt Beef’s inception in 2004, transparency has been critical to the brand. Brandt Beef operates under the core value of respect, which is upheld in practice as the industry continues to mature and evolve. Today, Brandt Beef continues to prioritize respect for the animals, the land, and for its team, community, and customers. Brandt Beef is constantly seeking the chance to do more, pioneering innovative sustainable efforts and maintaining humane treatment of cattle throughout the raising process. 

All Brandt Beef cattle are raised on Brandt family property in Southern California, born, raised, and harvested in the USA with 100% source verification. Our humane, sustainable, and socially conscious practices are validated through regular independent audits by Where Food Comes From as part of maintaining its CARE Certification.

The geographic footprint of the Brandt Beef process is kept local to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and minimize animal stress from transit. The Brandt family partners with the local governance and community to reclaim and recycle everything from nutrient-rich water to compost for agriculture and tallow for fuel generation. In the month of January 2023 alone, the Brandt family operation saved an average of 320,000 gallons of water daily and is projected to save over 116 million gallons throughout this calendar year.

Brandt Beef’s principle is that humanely and sustainably raised cattle result in the highest-quality meat: for over a decade, Brandt Beef has built a base of loyal customers around the world by supplying 100% source-verified Prime and Choice beef. Customers, finding increasing value in claims-based beef brands, have also grown to expect the consistent performance, taste, and tenderness that Brandt Beef is committed to delivering. Now, with recent expansions to the brand, Brandt Beef is now available for both the full-service butcher counter and self-service meat case.

Every aspect of the Brandt Beef process results in a key part of a new retail promise: consistent and excellently performing beef to empower our customers to create the restaurant experience at home. Brandt Beef is ready to offer their full “head to tail” catalog of beef cuts and value-added items for the curious and adventurous home chef. Backed by a story of dedication, transparency and respect, the brand’s no-compromises approach to excellence in culinary performance drives differentiation with claims and attributes that make a difference in the case, in the kitchen, and on the plate.

To learn more about Brandt Beef and how to begin purchasing it for your store, visit us at or contact us at [email protected]

Create Customer Loyalty with Claims-Based Beef | Sponsored by Brandt Beef