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Consumers to Opt for Beer, In-Person Shopping on St. Patrick's Day

Numerator's new survey numbers give retailers an idea of which products to promote ahead of the holiday
Fifty percent of St. Patrick’s Day beer purchasers plan to drink American lagers.

On March 17, millions in the United States will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, giving retailers an opportunity to promote private label snacks, beverages and party supplies items. According to a new report from Chicago-based Numerator, nearly half (44%) of U.S. consumers expect to celebrate the holiday this year, which is a sizable increase (14%) from 2022.

Of that 44%, 28% intend to gather with family/friends and 27% intend to go out to eat or out for drinks. Over one-third (36%) plan to purchase alcoholic beverages for the holiday, with beer the most popular choice (70% of those planning to buy alcohol), followed by spirits (34%) and wine (29%).

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For those choosing beer, 50% plan to drink American lagers (Budweiser, Coors Original, Miller High Life) during their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, while 31% will opt for stouts (Guinness, Imperial), and 21% will choose international lagers like Corona Extra, Heineken and Red Stripe. Gen Z and Millennial celebrators are nearly twice as likely (29% versus 17% for all consumers) to say they will buy hard seltzers for the holiday.

The vast majority of consumers surveyed (76%) said they will do their shopping for the holiday in-person. More than two-in-five consumers (42%) will purchase their holiday items at a grocery store, followed by a mass retailer (29%) or liquor-specific retailer (19%). Once again, younger consumers are diverging from their older counterparts, as Gen Z and Millennial consumers are twice as likely to say they will buy St. Patrick’s Day supplies at a gas station or convenience store or through a delivery service like Instacart or DoorDash.

Numerator’s data was fielded from 1,598 shoppers who shared details on their St. Patrick’s Day plans.

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