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Clipper Tea U.S. Organic Herbal Flavors

Spicy Chai and Mint herbal teas join Stateside lineup
Clipper Tea Organic Spicy Chai Herbal Tea Main Image

U.K.-based Clipper Tea is continuing its growth in the United States with two innovative takes on trending flavors: Organic Spicy Chai Herbal Tea and Organic Mint Herbal Tea. While chai teas usually contain caffeinated black tea, Clipper Tea’s Organic Spicy Chai Herbal Tea delivers a powerful, flavorful punch infused with a warming blend of cinnamon, fennel seeds and black pepper that’s naturally free of caffeine. Meanwhile, revitalizing Organic Mint Herbal Tea is also naturally caffeine-free. Both flavors meet higher consumer demand for non-caffeinated herbal teas. Like all Clipper Tea products, these latest additions to the lineup feature ethically and sustainable sourced natural ingredients. All Clipper Tea flavors retail for a suggested $6.99 per 20-count box. This year, Clipper Tea is rolling a worldwide integrative marketing campaign, There’s Tea, Then There’s GOOD Tea, which in the United States will spotlight the company’s commitment to biodiversity, quality and ethical sourcing via social media content, influencer partnerships, and shopper marketing. Further, the brand’s brick-and-mortar retail distribution will increase this year to bring its lineup of organic and premium offerings to new and existing tea drinkers across this country. 

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