From Cherry Blossom Water to Chicken Tots: Best New Grocery Products Named

People Magazine publishes annual list of 65 favorites
Lynn Petrak
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Beyond Chicken Tenders
Beyond Chicken Tenders, which were launched at more food retailers this year, received a best new product nod from People Magazine.

While it usually spotlights celebrities and noteworthy or news-making individuals, People Magazine recently focused on products, handing out awards for the third annual “65 Best Supermarket Products of the Year.” A panel of testers from across the country and Puerto Rico sampled a variety of new grocery items and picked standouts across several food and beverage categories.

Among the winners: a new Cherry Blossom flavored sparkling water from LaCroix, lauded for tasting “like spring in a can,” People Magazine reported in its review. “We developed the distinctive taste and stunning packaging of Cherry Blossom to convey the 'dazzling taste of spring',” a spokesperson for LaCroix parent company National Beverage Corp. said. “The People award further confirms the acknowledged leadership and innovation of our LaCroix brand."

In its roundup and descriptions of winners, the magazine linked back to a particular retailer or website that carries the product, such as Target, Walmart and Kroger.

Other winners of this year’s contest include:

For the full list of supermarket product winners, click here.

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