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Sweet and spicy plant-based bean dish hails from South Africa
Chakalaka Product Family Main Image

Helping U.S. retailers meet the rising demand for global cuisines on store shelves, Chakalaka Brands offers an easy-to-make version of a beloved South African bean dish that features hearty vegetables and peppers, with spicy hints of curry. Protein-rich Chakalaka, which means “all together” in Zulu – indicating that it’s meant to be shared – can be served as a plant-based entrée or as a zesty but sweet side dish for grilled meats, substantial brunches, holiday feasts and more. Ready in 20 minutes after being cooked in water on a stovetop, the nut-, dairy- and gluten-free; vegetarian; and vegan product line comes in three spice profiles: No Mathata (mild), Original (medium) and Mathata (spicy). A 6-ounce package containing a dry mix of beans, vegetables and spices of any variety retails for a suggested $5.99.

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