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Campbell’s Spicy Condensed Cooking Soups and Swanson Spicy Broths

Products deliver medium heat to add zest to range of meals
Campbell's Spicy Condensed Cooking Soups Lineup Main Image

Lovers of hot foods can now turn to a couple of stalwart brands to get their fix, thanks to Campbell Soup Co.’s Campbell’s Spicy Condensed Cooking Soups and Swanson Spicy Broths. Providing a zesty take on classic flavors, the products will heat up family meals and appetizers alike. Both the soups and the broths feature a balanced medium heat flavor profile to add kick to dishes and snacks without overwhelming the palate. Campbell’s Spicy Condensed Cooking Soups cater to a range of taste preferences with four varieties: Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup, infused with the flavors of jalapeño and chili peppers; vegan Spicy Tomato Soup, featuring tomatoes, cayenne pepper sauce and chili pepper extract, Spicy Buffalo-Style Cream of Chicken Soup, offering a touch of spice with cayenne pepper sauce; and vegetarian Spicy Nacho Cheese Soup, providing a hint of spice via red and jalapeño peppers. Meanwhile, Swanson Spicy Broths come in two varieties: Spicy Chicken Broth, combining the flavors of farm-raised chicken and vegetables with a touch of heat, and Spicy Beef Broth, bringing together the flavors of roasted beef and vegetables with a bit of heat. To call out the Spicy Condensed Cooking Soups on shelves, Campbell’s has added a twist to its iconic red-and-white label design system, incorporating a spicy icon in place of the traditional medallion to signal the bold flavor within. A 10.5-ounce can of any of the soups retails for a suggested $1.59, and a convenient recyclable 32-ounce carton of either broth has a suggested retail price of $2.99. 

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