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Bringg Acquires Parcel Delivery Solution Zenkraft

Deal aims to meet customer demand for diverse delivery offerings
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Bringg's acquisition of Zenkraft will ultimately enable retailers' to provide a differentiated last-mile delivery experience that meets their customer demand and drives brand differentiation.

Data-led delivery and fulfillment cloud platform provider Bringg has acquired Zenkraft, Salesforce’s parcel and return delivery solution. The deal will combine Zenkraft’s parcel and return delivery and Bringg’s unified, open and connected delivery network to enable a diversified array of delivery models. Both companies have seen rapid growth during the recent e-commerce boom, and it is hoped that the acquisition will bring out the best in their complementary solutions. Retailers will ultimately be able to provide a differentiated last-mile delivery experience that meets their customer demand and drives brand differentiation.

This acquisition is a reflection of our vision to connect retailers and consumers through delivery solutions that are accessible, usable and valuable regardless of existing tech stacks or resources,” noted Guy Bloch, CEO of Tel Aviv-based Bringg. “Zenkraft will allow us to vastly expand the footprint of that mission. It also provides us with a broad, quick and seamless gateway into the Salesforce ecosystem, which further enables us to scale our portfolio to all retail players with maximum impact and minimum disruption.”

The deal aims to accelerate Bringg’s penetration in the Salesforce ecosystem by extending Zenkraft’s parcel, return and post-purchase use cases with an on-demand delivery network of hundreds of providers. Zenkraft’s solution, with its pre-existing integrations into the Salesforce e-commerce cloud and order management system, will ramp up Bringg’s go-to-market strategy. In turn, Bringg will enable seamless on-demand delivery options for Zenkraft customers, a growing need as delivery expectations evolve worldwide.

“Adding a variety of delivery services to our product offering is a huge milestone,” said James Lumb, CEO of Newark, Del.-based Zenkraft. “We’re proud of the solution we’ve built, and being acquired by Bringg gives us the opportunity to scale our operations to meet the needs of a growing e-commerce space. We are thrilled to see what this next chapter holds.” 

There will be no changes in existing personnel at either company, and reporting lines will remain the same immediately after the merger. The acquisition marks the start of Bringg’s larger merger-and-acquisition strategy and is the first in a series of strategic growth contingencies. 

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