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Brandt Beef Prime & Choice Portion Cuts for Retail

One World Beef's locally raised beef, offers versatile and restaurant-quality, Prime Cuts for retail.

Elevate your meat case with locally raised and Michelin-awarded beef portion cuts in USDA Prime and Choice grades, now available for retail. 

Brandt Beef is a single-source family-owned beef brand with three generations of history and has established itself as the featured center-of-the-plate beef for dishes in Michelin-starred restaurants around the world. Now, the Brandt family is excited to offer that restaurant-quality performance to retailers. 

Brandt Beef offers a versatile array of Prime and Choice Portion Cuts for retail, available for both grab-and-go aisles and meat case displays. 

  • Humane practices to promote healthy animals and quality beef 
    • CARE Certified by Where Food Comes From, maintaining strict animal husbandry standards 
    • Veterinarian-approved feed blend of grasses and steam-flaked corn to promote animal health and flavorful, well-marbled beef 
  • Sustainable practices throughout our process 
    • Growing our own alfalfa, Bermudagrass, Sudangrasses for cattle’s feed blend 
    • Compost, a nutrient-rich alternative to non-organic fertilizers, distributed throughout community 
    • Local solar power supports up to 90% of operation’s energy needs 
    • “Head to tail” philosophy, promoting use of every cut 

Brandt Beef aims to be synonymous with the premium experience, from our refined shelf presence to our beef’s chef-selected consistent performance. Our beef products offer a holistic package to build loyal customers and keep them coming back.

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