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Bob’s Red Mill Bob’s Signature Blends Baking Mixes

Line for home baking enthusiasts includes combined premium flours
Bob's Red Mill Bob's Signature Blends Baking Mixes Main Image
Photo Credit: Bob’s Red Mill

The latest from natural and organic flour, mix and grain provider Bob’s Red Mill, Bob’s Signature Blends Baking Mixes, features a blend of Bob’s Red Mill’s premium flours in four popular varieties: moist Fudgy Brownie Mix, lightly sweet Golden Cornbread Mix, fluffy Classic Yellow Cake Mix and rich Decadent Chocolate Cake Mix. The blend consists of enriched wheat and potato flours. Home bakers can just add eggs, butter or oil, and water to create their own indulgent baked goods. Bob’s Signature Blends Baking Mixes packages range from 13 ounces to 15.5 ounces and retail for a suggested price range of $3.69–$4.59.

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