Big Y Offers Eating Right Brand

Big Y has rolled out the Eating Right line, of better-for-you foods in its stores. The multi-category lifestyle brand, originally developed as a Safeway private label line, offers a wide assortment of foods tailored to support specific dietary needs, including heart health, digestive health, bone health, immunity and weight management.

Among the Eating Right products now available at the New England grocer are frozen entrees, cereal, soups, pasta, salad dressings, snack bars and cookies. The line features the innovative "Spot Your Needs" system, which eases the process of finding foods that will aid shoppers in achieving their health goals, by identifying products by such criteria as being low in fat, high in fiber, fortified with omega-3 or made from whole wheat.

"Our shoppers have long relied on us to meet all of their supermarket needs, and with Eating Right we're able to offer a great selection of functional and tasty products designed to help our customers reach their specific health objectives," said Carrie Taylor, corporate dietitian in charge of the Living Well Eating Smart program at Big Y.

Backed by a multimillion-dollar consumer marketing campaign, Eating Right offers supermarkets and foodservice organizations a total of 225 products in over 20 categories.

"Eating Right makes it simple for families to make smart food choices without sacrificing taste or paying a premium price," said Alex Petrov, president of Pleasanton, Calif.-based private label food manufacturer Lucerne Foods, Inc., a subsidiary of Safeway, which also carries Eating Right. "With many consumers looking to find the perfect balance between taste, nutrition and cost in their grocery store picks, Eating Right offers supermarkets a compelling way to serve these shoppers across the entire store."

Springfield, Mass.-based Big Y, one of the largest independently owned supermarket chains in New England, operates 57 stores throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts with over 9,800 employees.
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