Barramundi Swims Into Schnucks

Schnuck Markets Inc. has added a new species -- Barramundi -- to its seafood departments, courtesy of Australis Aquaculture, a Massachusetts-based company that is aiming to revolutionize the fish farming industry with its eco-friendly practices.

Prized in its native Australia and Southeast Asia, Barramundi has a sweet buttery flavor comparable to red snapper, sea bass and other premium white fish.

“Our customers are responding well to the versatility of this fish,” said Steve Disko, Schnucks seafood category manager, noting that barramundi can be baked, broiled, sautéed or grilled in minutes. “It’s mild enough to shine in simple preparations yet robust enough to pair with other foods; plus there are no little pin bones to worry about.”

Carol Devine, VP of marketing for Australis, said the frozen product “is raised in Barramundi’s native and pristine salt waters. We never use hormones, antibiotics, additives or preservatives, and 100 percent of our product is tested to guarantee it is safe and free of contaminants.” What’s more, Devine said Australis Barramundi’s heart-healthy omega-3s, low saturated fat and lean protein make it “the perfect fish for those who are looking for healthy food choices.”

Available in 12 oz. bags, Schnucks is promoting Australis Barramundi on special buy for $7.99 at all of its stores alongside recipe cards for healthy meal solutions.

Schnuck Markets, Inc. operates 105 stores (including five Logli stores) and 101 pharmacies in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Tennessee and Mississippi.
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