Bakerly Brioche Breads

Line comprises five varieties

New from New York City-based Bakerly LLC is a line of brioche breads that are a bit softer and sweeter than traditional bread. Made from authentic French recipes and containing no preservatives, GMOs, artificial flavors or colorings, or high-fructose corn syrup, the breads include Soft Brioche Baguettes (four 3-ounce pieces, SRP $4.99), Brioche Rolls with Milk Chocolate Chips (eight 1.23-ounce pieces, SRP $4.99), Hand Braided Brioche (14.11 ounces, SRP $5.99), Sliced Brioche (14.11 ounces, SRP $5.99) and Brioche Rolls (eight 1.23-ounce pieces, SRP $4.99). 

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