Anthem Oats

Anthem Oats

Anthem Oats, maker of sustainable family-farmed oatmeal, is debuting three distinct lines: canisters of high-quality traditional oatmeal in Old Fashioned, Steel Cut and Minute Oats varieties; oatmeal cartons in Maple Pecan, Peach & Cranberry, Vanilla Chai, and Pumpkin Spice flavors; and on-the-go cups in Vanilla Chai, Super Fruit, Peach & Cranberry, and Dark Chocolate Brownie varieties. Grown on a family farm in South Dakota and run by five brothers, Anthem Oats has teamed up with JPG Resources, a food and beverage innovation and commercialization group, to bring premium oats to breakfast tables across the country. The brand's offerings have suggested retail prices of $4.99 for 11.25-ounce cartons containing five 2.25-ounce packets, $3.19 per 3.25-ounce cup, and a range of $3.79-$5.69 for traditional oatmeal in a 30- or 40-ounce canister.


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